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iPhone Application - Marketing It the Smart Way

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Nowadays you will find the numbers of iPhone applications on sale at the iTunes store to be increasing exponentially. Within a year of launching i.e. 2009 the number of iPhone apps was whopping 100,000. The year 2011 has already witnessed this number crossing 300,000. This increment does not seem to stop in the near future. On the contrary this number is increasing exponentially.

If all the applications put on sale at the iTunes were working it would have been wonderful. The irony is that most these apps fail to satisfy the user. There are some applications that after downloading can make the iPhone user repent for downloading that application.

As the number of applications on the iTunes store goes on increasing, the possibility of your iPhone application getting noticed becomes lesser and lesser day after day. If you want your application to generate revenue it becomes important for the application to get noticed. One needs to resort to marketing gimmicks for making the application noticed. Some of the prominent marketing gimmicks are as follows.


Branding can make a big difference in the marketing of any application. Branding depends directly on how unique is the app. The slogan, logo, and the subject of application have to be so different that they become unforgettable. Many of the applications get ignored just because the logo and slogan are not worth remembering. Once you have come up with a unique and attractive logo, consistency needs to be maintained at mentioning it on every part of the app.

Features of the application

The application should be as simple as possible. One should make the app understandable to the first time visitor of the app too. One should also check if any similar kind of apps exists on the iTunes store. If any similar kind of application is present on the web then what extraordinary feature can you include in your app to make it appealing and tide over the competition?

The application that you develop should be more user friendly than that of your competitors.

Brand awareness

There are different ways of creating brand awareness. In this age of internet some of the prominent ways to communicate with the concerned people include use of social networking sites, emails, advertisements through banners and even chatting. One needs to create a base before launching the application in the market. The other way of publicizing the application is through posting comments on the forums and submission of blogs. People should be enthusiastic about the new features and utility of the application.

The application developer should remember that no application can become popular overnight. The above mentioned strategies yield rich dividends only when you have planned it systematically.

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