Looking for easy DIY Halloween decoration ideas on a budget? These 13 Spooky Halloween Decoration Ideas are amazing That Are So Chic It’s Scary.

Friendly Ghost Garland

All you need is some cheesecloth, hot glue, and plastic golf balls to make it. Details

Smoking Cocktails

Make some pretty and smoky cocktails. Details

Halloween Glitter Balloons

These glitter-dipped balloons up long after the party’s over. Details

Brew Some Potions

Vintage apothecary bottles serve double-duty. Details

Stack Odds and Ends

Draw the eye up on your fireplace mantel by decorating with themed objects. Details

Constellation Pumpkins

Use a carvable artificial pumpkin and spray paint it black. Details

Creepy Crystal Balls

These crystal ball decorations are made using clear Christmas ornaments. Details

Repurpose a Skull

A less scary when you top them with a flower or plant. Details

Barware Decals

These Moscow mule mugs are like a stylish adult-only version of pumpkins. Details

Stack Bales of Hay

Add a Halloween-inspired bouquet, and call it a day. Details

Have a Sense of Humor

This DIY Halloween porch decor is the perfect balance between funny and spooky. Details


Don’t wait until December to break out the gingerbread houses. Details


Customize the paint colors to complement your home’s exterior. Details


Turn your pumpkin into a vase for a Halloween-chic centerpiece. Details

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