12 easy crafts for tweens

Finding fun crafts for teens isn’t always easy, but making DIY crafts for girls that are popular items will surely please your teen crafty spirit!


Diy gifts for tweens

If your tweens & teens like to craft and make things for their friends, then they’ll love these teen DIY Gifts. Details

Looking for crafts for teens to make? They'll love these 6 DIY middle school crafts. They can make these gifts to give at the holidays, to celebrate a friend's birthday, or just to show that they care. These 6 fun, yet simple projects were chosen and made by my tween for herself and her BFF. Each one requires few materials and little time. Your teen will love them. Her favorite is the duct tape clutch! #diy #teencrafts #tweens #diysforteens #educationpossible

Yarn wrapped letters

Kids can make their initials, their name or an inspiring word to display on a wall or shelf on a bedroom.  Details

Kids can personalize their space with this fun and easy yarn letter craft. Make your initials, your name or an inspiring word to display on a wall or shelf on a bedroom. Great craft for kids of all ages. Crafty teens and tweens can make a set to give to a friend as a gift. #HappyHooligans #KbnMoms #KidsCrafts #Preschool #CraftsForTweens #CraftsForTeens #YarnCrafts #LetterCrafts #NameArt #DaycareCrafts #CraftCamp #ArtForKids

Circular cardboard weaving

Learn how to make a circular cardboard weaving loom, how to weave on it, and how to take your project off the loom. Details

Learn how to make a circular cardboard weaving loom, how to weave on it, and how to take your project off the loom. Weaving is a fun and easy activity for kids, and they can make beautiful pot holders, trivets and wall art to keep or to give as gifts. #HappyHooligans #KidsCrafts #CraftsForKids #Weaving #Yarn #Crafts #Tweens #Daycare #CraftCamp #Kids #Art #FiberCrafts

Straw weaving

Straw weaving is such a fun craft idea! Great for summer camps and awesome for kids and tweens.  Details

Straw weaving is such a fun craft idea! It's a great summer craft for camps and an awesome craft for kids or tweens. You can weave bracelets, necklaces, headbands and even belts. Wouldn't they make awesome friendship bracelets!? This method of weaving is easy to learn and it's lots of fun!

NEON green BAREFOOT sandals

A kids’ craft tutorial for how to make barefoot sandals. Details

NEON green BAREFOOT sandals LEAF Pink Bikini jewelry Ibiza Summer Toe anklets Woodland Fairy Anklet Sandal Gypsy Crochet sandals GPyoga

Fairy dough

This summer keep your girls busy with this amazing summer activities for girls of all ages- Details

Summer Activities for girls | free printables | crafts & games for tweens, teens & kids of all ages | summer fun and entertainment


Making a diy clay jewelry dish makes fun crafts for teens but they also make great crafts for teens to make and sell or to give as gifts. Details

DIY Clay Jewelry Dish


If you’re a teen and you’re dreaming of the beach instead of the winter snow, how about making the cutest flamingo snow globe? Details

diy waterless snow globe


We absolutely adore these gorgeous DIY macrame feathers. Why be basic when you can come up with a super unique macrame project? Details

diy macrame feathers


Making an adorable t-shirt headband is a fun and free way to upcycle your favorite t-shirt that no longer fits. Details

how to make a t-shirt headband


Wool felt coasters seem like something you’d find at Anthropologie, these do not look homemade. Details

felt coasters diy


Emoji mason jars make the best crafts for teens. Whatever your current mood, you can express it on your emoji jar lol. Details

emoji mason jars

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